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Runescape News

  • The developer behind the browser based MMORPG RuneScape     04-06-2015

    Developed by Rake In Grass, Undercroft was released on the App Store in October of 2009. Though it met with a warm reception from RPG fans, the game didn't do very well commercially, and in August of 2010, the game was pulled from the App Store. Rake In Grass felt they had to move on to other pr...


    Jagex has released the Plänne for this February! This February, plans Zamorak a crafty coup and the wild-dragon returns - this time to stay. In addition, the demon attacks are improved, the combat system missed a fine sanding and both the Game Blast Wohltätigskeitevent and the double XP we...

  • On February changes in RuneScape     02-04-2015

    MMORPG RuneScape developers decided to tell about what awaits players in February.- Will be introduced changes in the demon flash mobs (for subscribers only). To be more precise, improve their loot, and demons will no longer Increases damage inflicted on players who use Protect Item prayer.- You hav...

  • Subscription prices and bonds in RuneScape will be changed on March 1     01-31-2015

    Back in November 2014, developers MMORPG RuneScape pleased us that the cost of the game subscription (membership) grow in 2015. And now the company Jagex finally announced the exact date of entry of this change.On March 1, instead of $ 8 you have to pay $ 9.49 per month subscription. 3 months - $ 25...

  • What is Runescape     01-22-2015

    Speaking of the 90 we remember surely all the output of UO MMORPG as though it was the only game to see the light at the time. In 99 for a week Runescape was open to the public, and then be immediately closed again. In 2001, the game finally opens its doors.What is Runescape?Located in the medieval ...

  • RuneScape prepares for the next level     12-13-2014

    A heavy metal robot, eccentric big-game hunter and a steel-clawed ninja will all be battling their way onto computer screens early next year, thanks to the efforts of a Cambridge technology firm.Block N Load is the latest offering from Jagex, the video game studio behind hugely-successful fantasy ga...

  • BEHIND THE SCENES IN December 2014     12-12-2014

    The weather outside is frightening, but in RuneScape there this December plenty to enjoy: winter weekends, a sleigh full of Christmas updates, a elftastische task list, improvements to the tower of power - and the Premium Club is back.Tirannwn-do listIn total there are 54 new tasks that cover a wide...

  • Runescape Member Quest Rune Mechanics     02-10-2014

    Requirements:27 Magic25 Construction20 RunecraftingQuest required:Rune MysteriesWolf WhistleItem Needed:20 Pure essence2 emeralds20 Pure essence5 steam runes5 body runes5 mind runesReward:900 construction xp300 magic xpRunecrafting xp 1850Rune Guardian PetStarts1. Go to Mage Training Arena. Going do...

  • Transformers universe overview news pictures system requirements     02-07-2014

    The development studio Jagex released a status report on the upcoming online game Transformers Universe . The MOTA -game should appear in 2014.There is again a sign of life from Transformers Universe . The well-known by Runescape developer Jagex Studio published a status report on the Transformers p...